Week 15? DS106 Documentary

This week, we continued to work on our final project documentary. As we’ve previously mentioned, we’re doing our project on DS106. This week, Joe and Caitlin interviewed Charlie, Joe drove out to Richmond to interview Tom Woodward and Caitlin and I interviewed Martha Burtiss in DTLT. Our interview with Ms. Burtiss was today, and now I want to take DS106! It sounds like an amazing class. While interviewing Ms. Burtiss, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the early iterations of DS106 and Info Age: despite the differing fields of study, both courses have been interactive, had revolutionary (for me, anyway) levels of student involvement and power (including coming up with assignments!) and ended up being very different than we’d necessarily thought it would be. Like DS106, I think Info Age is going to continue to grow and change as new groups of students take the class and shape it, and might eventually even develop the sort of cult following/online community DS106 is known for.

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