Week 14

This past week, Claire and I led discussion on copyright and “copywrongs.” It went incredibly well–the class took the discussion and ran with it, discussing the ins and outs of copyright, patents, and licensing. Several people mentioned having enjoyed the reading, even though it was fairly dense. Claire and I had planned a class activity on infographics, as well, because part of our week was meant to be discussing that, but the reading discussion went so well we ran out of time to implement it.  All in all, that seemed to me to be a resounding success!

Also this week, we continued working on our final project for Info Age, which will be the documentary on DS 106, a Digital Storytelling class taught through UMW. We’re going to be talking about the class itself, and the various “generations”–the first generation, taught by an assistant professor within the Computer Science department, differed greatly from later “generations:” later generations were taught by computer savant/tech genius Jim Groom, from DTLT at Mary Washington. From its original iteration as a class within the Computer Science department, it’s become a huge multi-user opensource website (a “massive open online course,” or MOOC) and program that has participants from all over the globe visiting the site, ds106.us, posting, and participating in the discourse. We’ll be tracing its evolution and how it became such a massive platform, and examine various aspects of the question of how it fits into a Computer Science education.



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