Week 12: First Documentary Finished!

This past week we finished up our documentary and presented it to the class. Originally, we were planning our documentary such that we would have narration throughout, but we wound up not necessarily needing to, and decided that it was a less elegant solution anyway — that is to say, that it is more difficult to make audio narration sound elegant and professional. Our interviews wound up being comprehensive enough that we did not need to have narration providing the introduction, conclusion, and transitions. Our full story arc was depicted through the interviews, so we ended up using the narration at the end, as a sort of postscript, to fill in factual gaps such as what a card catalog is and when card catalog to digital catalog changes occurred. We decided to still have the narration because a lot of research went into it, and we felt it was valuable enough that even if we did not have it throughout the paper, we certainly wanted to include it. Overall, the documentary project was a lot of fun. It was definitely more work and more time-consuming than any of the previous projects, but it wound up being the one that was most unusual and novel for all of us in my group. AND–drumroll please!–we have decided to do a documentary for our final project, which will be on a class that was actually taught at UMW and wound up being a really unique class.

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