Week 11 / Documentary!

This week we continued work on the documentary. We filmed several interviews, including Caitlin & Joe’s interview of Rosemary Arneson, and Caitlin’s & my interviews of Charles Balthis and Carolyn Parsons. The interviews with Mr. Balthis and Mrs. Parsons were fascinating–Mr. Balthis has been a cataloger at UMW since 1969, and we discussed the transition from card to digital catalogs with him on Wednesday. When he went to Library School in 1967-8, Mr. Balthis says that there was no sense of a transition to bed had anytime in the near future. However, by the 70s, Mr. Balthis was involved in helping with the transition. We discussed an entirely different set of material with Mrs. Parsons; although by the time she went to Library School in the mid-1980s, card catalogs were already mostly phased out, Mrs. Parsons nonetheless has some interesting experience with them. She currently works with the Special Collections, Archives, and Rare Books at UMW, for which card catalogs are still used. Caitlin and I had an excellent chance to go over the ups and downs of card catalogs (and see some fascinating pictures of card catalogs at Mary Washington!) while meeting with Mrs. Parsons. Overall, those were both excellent and very productive interviews. Ashley has got much of our narration nailed down already, so we’re well on our way to an excellent & fascinating documentary!

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