Card Catalogs to Digital Catalogs: A Transition

My group’s topic is the shift from card catalogs to digital catalogs in libraries, with a focus on its effect on librarians.



Title Searches in an Online Catalog and a Card Catalog (Ebscohost)

Online Catalogs and Library Portals in Today’s Information Environment (Ebscohost)

Card Catalog Conversation  (Ebscohost)

Catalogs and Catalogers: Evolution Through Revolution  (Ebscohost)

Catalog Dependency  (Ebscohost)

The Card Catalog Mentality or We Have Always Done it This Way  (Ebscohost)

Deciding the Future of the Catalog in Small Libraries  (Ebscohost)

Card Catalog to Com  (Ebscohost)



Audiovisual sources will be solely B-roll that we record and footage of interviews; no external audiovisual sources are going to be used.



Introductory Image

Narrator establishes what a card catalog is, introduces topic (B-roll plays)

Interview (some B-roll, some interview footage)

– discussing using current catalog system

Narrator establishes when the transition began taking place (B-roll plays)

Interview (some B-roll, some interview footage)

– personal details of transition

Narrator addresses how the personal transition of the interviewee related to the overall transition

Narrator addresses how it affected librarians personally

Interview (some B-roll, some interview footage)

– how it affected that librarian personally

Narrator synthesizes and concludes

Closing graphic


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