Week 10 – The Documentary Work begins!

This week we actually started to work on fleshing out the documentary project. Caitlin, Joe, Ashley and I are doing our documentary on the shift from physical card catalogs in libraries to “digital catalogs,” and how that change has affected historians–both librarians and those visiting libraries. We had to tighten our topic up a bit, due to the fact that Kyle’s group had already chosen a topic with which we could have potentially overlapped. We were able to avoid that though!

We’re going to have our documentary be a mix of narration and interviews. The narration will provide the introduction, conclusion, transitions, and necessary facts and data. The interviews will be used to provide individual experiences and to add some color to the story, as well as to further personalize it to Mary Washington’s switch to digital catalogs.

We were concerned about finding a card catalog we could film B-roll of, but this week we found out that UMW has card catalogs for some of its special holdings which we can film–a lucky break. We’ll be using B-roll during narration, as well as for smooth transitions when switching from narration to interviews, and to provide a change of “scenery” during interviews.

Overall, it should be a fun project!

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