Week 9 – Advertisement

We presented on our advertisement this week, and explained to the class how each of us came to the decisions we did vis a vis the advertisement. For me, that involved discussing my thought process and how I analyzed the advertisements we looked at in order to decide on fonts and stylistic elements to include in the ad.

In choosing ads to focus on, I looked exclusively at a couple that seemed illustrative of ads from the 1930s and 40s, both of which come from The F Word blog.

Because the fonts employed in the image on the right were unique–i.e., did not appear in other ads from the time–I chose to mimic the fonts used in the advertisement on the left. Stylistically, the image on the right was otherwise more representative of the majority of the advertisements. A rounded, darker bubble highlighting the headline text was quite common, as was repetition of the word “Skinny.” The fonts I chose for the body of the text was the closest I could find to the serifed, old-style font used in both of these (and in many of the other) advertisements. The style of headings in a bolder font and the non-emphasized words in the headline being in a bolder font were also mimicked from these and other advertisements.

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