Week 8: Advertisement redux!

This week we finished up and polished our advertisement. With our advertisement written and font-formatted, we spent the week delving into images to find ones that fit with the imagery used in our reference ads. Caitlin had several old family photos that fit the bill perfectly, so we took a look at those and figured out which ones we wanted to use. This last portion fell mostly under Caitlin’s section of the work division, which was handy because this last part involved working intensively with Photoshop, at which Caitlin is a master and the rest of us are mediocre-to-okay. We started off the image selection with a picture of a relative of Caitlin’s giving a really cheesy smile, and Caitlin isolated his head and made him a grinning “floating head” à la 1940s-50s ads. With that hallmark of period advertisements down, we moved on to establishing the individuals being advertised to/about. Because our ad targeted men, we decided to use a picture of Caitlin’s great-uncle–a skinny young man at the time the photo was taken–as the chief image. To reinforce that ideal, and in a reverse of the imagery of men watching a young woman in a female weight gain ad we looked at, we also added a picture of the stereotypical American girl–also a relative of Caitlin’s, a great-aunt perhaps?–sitting in a field with a dog. Overall, in my opinion the images we chose–and even more so, how they were altered to represent 1940s and 50s ads–wound up fitting our assignment perfectly!

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