Week 7 – Skinny guys don’t get the girl!

This week, we’ve been spending a great deal of time working on the group projects due after Fall Break. This project assignment is to create a print advertisement for an historic product. My group–Joe, Caitlin, Ashley, and I–decided to create a weight-gain advertisement from the 1940s. Our focus in creating this advertisement will be less on the product itself and more on newspaper advertisements of this type from that period. This is because we wanted to emphasize the technology of communication, the advertisement, over the product advertised, since it wasn’t really a technology of the type that we’re focusing on. To that end, we have been looking at weight-gain ads from the period and analyzing specific aspects in order to recreate them in as historically accurate a manner as possible.

In order to make sure we can cover our bases, we split the project up roughly. Joe agreed to do the research on the product itself; Ashley to write the copy for the ad; me to format the advertisement in terms of background, spacing, and fonts; and Caitlin–as the person with by far the most Photoshop experience–to synthesize our work. We’re going to be working in separate layers, with each person having at least one layer to work in, so that we can make changes without causing changes to others’ work.

Because the majority of the advertisements we were looking at were geared towards women, and only two were geared towards men, we decided to create one that was geared towards men.

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